Lower Block Fuel

Visible Savings

Depending on the missions you fly, Blended Winglets can improve your cruise fuel mileage by as much as 6%.

Winglets lower drag and improve aerodynamic efficiency, thus reducing fuel burn. Depending on the missions you fly, blended winglets can improve cruise fuel mileage up to 6 percent, especially important during a time of rising fuel prices. "We're saving a minimum of 4% on fuel and up to 6% on our longer flights," says Air Berlin Technical Director Sigfried Olivo.

Potential Annual Fuel Savings Per Airplane

737-700 Up to 110,000 gallons
737-800 Up to 130,000 gallons
737-900 Up to 150,000 gallons
737-300 Up to 100,000 gallons
757-200 Up to 300,000 gallons
767-300ER Up to 500,000 gallons