Environmentally Friendly

Winglets offer the opportunity not only to improve an airplanes operation performance but also its environmental performance.

Airport Noise Levels can be dramatically affected with the
installation of Winglets:

  • Noise-affected area on takeoff reduced by 6.5 %
  • Take-off and approach certified noise levels are lowered


  • Lower fuel burn also equates to reduced emissions:
    • Up to a 6% reduction in CO2 and as much as a 8% reduction in NOx is possible

Potential CO2 Reduction per Aircraft per Year

Program CO2 Reduction
737-700 1,163 Tons
737-800 1,374 Tons
737-900 1,585 Tons
737-300/500 1,057 Tons
757-200 3,170 Tons
767-300ER 5,284 Tons