Success Stories

"With Blended Winglets on our fleet, the annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per aircraft is around 1,900 tons. That is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by up to 5%." – Hapag-Lloyd

Hapag-Lloyd flies with fuel-saving winglets
"The advantages of the new technology are obvious:

  • The winglets prevent the build up of air turbulence at the wing tips and thus generate fuel savings of between four to five per cent - with associated reduction in pollutant emissions: the annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per aircraft is around 1900 tonnes.
  • In a Boeing 737-800 this corresponds to an increase in the effective payload of around 2.7 tonnes and an additional range of almost 300 km.
  • Aircraft fitted with winglets can take off from shorter runways, gain height faster, and thus considerably reduce the size of the noise footprint on the ground."

"We’re saving a minimum of 4% on fuel and up to 6% on our longer flights."
Air Berlin

"... the efficiency of these Winglets has been beyond our expectations."
Air Berlin

"... with these distinctive 8 foot tall Winglets, our passengers have the impression they’re flying in a larger, more technologically advanced airplane. For us, Blended Winglet Technology is money in the bank." – Air Berlin

"Last year, we saved 4% in fuel and up to 6% on our longer flights with Blended Winglets." – Kenya Airways

"... we made the journey back to Kenya in just two legs in the first B737-700. Seattle - London - Nairobi." – Kenya Airways

"... we saved 5% to 6% fuel against the (standard aircraft) flight plan. Clearly the winglets have a great advantage!" – Kenya Airways

"We chose to equip our 737-800s with winglets because they will increase the distance the airplanes can fly, and also significantly lower fuel costs."
Juan Jose Hidalgo, president of Air Europa

"The winglets are capable of reducing fuel burn by up to 4 percent on flights longer than 1,850 kilometers, and we plan to use our 737-800s on routes from the Canary Islands to Europe." – Air Europa

"We are looking forward to improving our route network with airplanes that can provide up to 4 percent better block fuel burn and a 0.5- to 0.7-decibel reduction in takeoff noise."
Andrew Viljoen, chief executive and president of South African Airways

Blended Winglets on our innovative, state-of-the-art aircraft translate to a smoother, quieter and even more comfortable ride for our guests. – Virgin Blue

"The winglets offer a number of benefits ranging from increased fuel efficiency and improved take-off capability to reduced noise levels and high altitude cruise abilities." – Virgin Blue

Chief Executive Brett Godfrey said, "For our Guests it translates into a smoother, quieter and even more comfortable ride in our innovative, state of the art aircraft. The new blended wings are also more environmentally friendly as they reduce both noise and fuel burn... they also look pretty cool to boot". – Virgin Blue

"...this will further enhance our position as the low cost and innovation leader in Canadian aviation. By equipping our Boeing 737-700 series aircraft with Blended Winglet Technology, we anticipate that we will see significant and immediate reductions in our fuel costs... "
Tim Morgan, WestJet’s Chief Operating Officer

WestJet’s Boeing 737 Next Generation airplanes sport Blended Winglets – saving fuel, cutting emissions and extending range – to help maintain low fares everywhere they fly.

"Southwest is keen on finding innovative ways to keep our operating costs in check so we can continue to provide low fares to millions more Americans. This technology is one way we can gain efficiencies in our operation and save money while we grow." – Laura Wright, Southwest’s Vice President of Finance

Southwest Airlines ordered 500 shipsets of blended winglets for their fleet of Boeing 737-700s. The blended winglets will increase passenger payloads out of high/hot airports. "Blended Winglets™ will save us around 100,000 gallons of fuel per plane, per year. That’s good for everybody on earth."
Southwest Airlines

"Copa Airlines has experienced remarkable acceptance and compliments from our passengers regarding the Blended Winglets on our fleet of new 737-700’s... We have had passengers that ask if their flight will be on one of the new Winglet aircraft. We are pleased with the operational attributes and the visual appearance improvement associated with Blended Winglets."
Tom Chappell, Vice President of Purchasing, Copa Airlines