Winglets Installed In-Production by Boeing

Why suffer the costs of downtime to your fleet. The Blended Winglet System is a smart investment on your new aircraft with proven performance enhancement and guaranteed returns.

Model 737-700 and Model 737-800 Winglets may be ordered from APB for installation in production by Boeing. The Winglets may be ordered as Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) or Seller Purchased Equipment (SPE). In either case, the purchaser of the aircraft will be required to sign a master change with Boeing to install BFE Winglets or SPE Winglets, as the case may be (please consult with your appropriate Boeing Customer Engineering Account Manager), in addition to signing a sales agreement with APB.

Once the BFE or SPE Winglets are ordered with APB, APB will work closely with Boeing on the required installation schedules of the Winglets and other components necessary to support Boeing's production schedules for the aircraft.

Some of the benefits of in-production installation:

  • No installation downtime
  • Performance data of the Winglets will be included with the airplane performance manuals at the time of Boeing's aircraft delivery