Certified & In-Service

Boeing 737-500

General Arrangement

Benefit Charts

Fuel Savings

Winglets Offer Substantial Fuel Savings
Fuel Savings Chart

Payload-Range Curve

Winglets Increase Payload-Range Capability
for 737-500/CFM56-3B1
Payload-Range Curve Chart

Improved Take-Off Performance

Winglets Improve Take-Off Performance

Information Coming Soon

Weight Impact

Winglet Installation Weight Impact

The total change to the aircraft weight is dependent on the aircraft configuration
and its corresponding winglet configuration.

Weight increase ranges from 783 lb (355 kg) to 825 lb (374 kg).

System Description

Proven Benefits

  • Lower Block Fuel
  • Reduced Engine Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Takeoff Performance
  • Increased Payload-Range Capacity
  • Lower Emissions
  • Reduced Airport Community Noise
  • Higher Initial/Optimal Cruise Altitudes
  • More Economical Dash Speed Capacity
  • Lower Landing & Navigation Fees
  • Dramatically Different Appearance
  • Higher Aircraft Residual Value

Installation Downtime

For more information about installation downtime, please view the Retrofit page for more details.